Friday, November 29, 2013

Me Mind Wandering and the CASE Method

The C.A.S.E. method is the name for a Jurisight exercise that moves from Concentrated Attention to Sensory Expansion--a basic mindfulness practice. Neuroscientist Richard Davidson and his colleagues research these two complementary contemplative practices, referring to them as Focused Attention and Open Monitoring.

Research exploring mind wandering finds that we spend about half our time with our mind's meandering and that as it wanders a state of brain activity known as the "default" network is activated. This state tends to be associated with a lot of thoughts about "me" and a ruminatory style that is emotionally flat, depressed or anxious.

Default mode activation drops off when we focus our attention on a task (think concentrated awareness) or expand our awareness and notice moment to moment experience (think sensory expansion). As we make this deliberate shift and default network activity subsides, we

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