Tuesday, June 25, 2013

BarBri Offers Mindfulness Training

BARBRI, one of the nation's most popular bar review courses, has broken important new ground by introducing a four-week mindfulness training as part of its bar prep training. In this cutting-edge offering, Christy Cassisa, BARBRI's Director of Professional Effectiveness, shares a series of four trainings to help those studying for the bar during this challenging and intense period in their professional development.

A link to these trainings--which BARBRI has generously made available to everyone studying for the bar--can be found by clicking here (scroll down to the bottom of the page). Each week beginning June 25th, a new training is made available, integrating a discussion of the mindfulness with experiential practices. Christy Cassisa (a friend whom I admire very much for her integrity and ability to effectively communicate mindfulness) developed the training in collaboration with the highly regarded University of California San Diego's Center for Mindfulness.

BARBRI is to be credited with making this important innovation in its bar review training, following smartly on the heels of the role mindfulness is beginning to have within legal education.

What is perhaps most important is that by introducing lawyers to mindfulness at this critical period in their careers, BARBRI may be playing a fundamentally important role not only in the life of the young lawyer, but across the legal profession and society.

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  1. Sounds like something I need right now. Mindfulness, along with Bar Review Courses, hah. Preparations can really take a toll on your peace of mind. Not that it's unnatural or anything but, a good break like this can really charge the engine just right.